Stardreams care about the image of our clients and take care in choosing our staff, we strongly believe that the choice of performer is essential when it comes to character operations, many companies spend thousands of dollars in building these costumes and end up putting employees in them, unfortunately, due to lack of interest and motivation, the desired attention the company would want is not achieved.


Our character performers have worked with companies such as Nickelodeon, Disney, Cartoon Network and many more, they are very familiar with wearing costumes and getting the best reaction possible. Our staff make the character come to life and stand out at an event, this is essential in the modern world we live in today as it heightens the chances of your brand going viral,  one video could be viewed millions of times with your brand on it with the right person wearing your mascot.




All our promo staff are trained and expected to know (in detail) each job, and must attend a 1 day training course on promotional work on sign up. This is to ensure they are promoting your product and company to the highest potential possible. All our staff are very professional, they will always be wearing black shoes black pants and shirt supplied by company of promotion unless told otherwise. ​