Christmas with Stardreams is a unique one of a kind experience, every year we get a lot of applicants wanting to be a Stardreams Santa, we hold auditions annually to ensure we have the best Santa performers that not only look the part but can portray the character making every child's Santa experience truly magical. Our sets and designs are unique to our company and can be custom built and assembled in time for your Santa parade, our Christmas elves that help Santa with photo opportunities are expected to be in character all the time, making the experience real for every child and guest. We thank you in taking the time to see what we can offer this year; we look forward to working closely with you in the near coming future.

Stardreams Santa performers wear genuine high-quality suits, snow-white beards, authentic black leather belts with a big Christmas buckle, glasses for reading the naughty and nice list, big black boots with bells that jingle when he walks and a jolly big belly. Our performers are professionally trained actors who are required to audition for the role as a Stardreams Santa, they know how to make a grand entrance, talk to children and interact with the audience, he may even tell stories of the North Pole and his friends Frosty and Rudolf. All our Santas are great at working with and reading children, most children who are scared of Santa end up not wanting to leave our Santas, our Santas always stay in character and make sure every child gets the time and the chance to tell Santa what they want for Christmas

Stardreams photo sets are a great addition to your centres Christmas season, all sets are custom built to suit your budget, space, and accessibility. Our talented team of artists will sketch up a complete detailed diagram of your desired photo area, in the assembly and dismantling of our sets our Stardreams team will take care of this for you, most Centres who purchase these use them for consecutive years before changing the design. We have found having a Stardreams Santa set creates not only a great photo but a very festive atmosphere.

Stardreams Santa parades are a great way to welcome Santa to your Centre or event for the Christmas period. Santa will arrive in the vehicle of your choice, this can be anything from a horse, Harley Davidson, to a realistic custom-built sleigh. Once arrived Santa will parade through the Centre accompanied by Christmas characters such as a teddy, snowman, reindeer, we can even include the mascot from your local NRL team, the list goes on. Once Santa arrives at the Stardreams photo area or the Centre chair, the fun continues with photo opportunities including all the characters from the parade.




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