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In the past few years we have been able to conduct extensive research of materials to develop the modern lightweight character suit that is guaranteed to be comfortable to wear as well as last many years. You simply supply us with a sketch, character or product picture and we’ll turn it into a unique, one-of-a-kind mascot. Stardreams mascot costumes can be any shape or size. We’ll work with you to give you exactly what you need.


1.    Reference Art

Send in any reference material you would like us to replicate in creating the costumes

3.    Performer simulation

A Submission draft will be sent to the client complete with the turn around renders, measurements and costume simulation to ensure the desired product fits

2.    3D Model

Working directly from the imagery supplied, our artists digitally model a 3D CAD costume.

reference art body design
reference art head design

4.    Digital Patterns

The 3D CAD design of the costume is then digitally converted into precise patterns; ready for real-world replication.

custom design digital patterns
custom design costume 3d design

5.    Production

The Character is then built with light-weight foam from the generated pattern and subsequently covered with high quality and breathable materials

custom design
mascot costume

6.    The Final Product

Stardreams Provide finesse in all final costumes, as all the work and materials are fully guaranteed. All you have to do is follow our simple care guide as most costumes can be washed in water and detergents, resulting in a fraction of the cleaning cost!

custom mascot costume

Stardreams maintain quality and durability through our innovative techniques and pipelines, in-cooperating the newest technology and practices to continue to evolve and improve our company and costumes, this includes: 


  • 3D printed animatronics bring an additional sense of life to the character.

  • Breathable materials with light-weight nature to reinforce wear and increase cooling and comfort for the performer.

  • State of the art sculptors and seamstresses for a high-quality finish

  • A team dedicated to your artistic vision

  • Breathable, durable and light-weight costumes to suit a large range of activities and movement.

character creation
character customization
custom costumes


  • Mascots familiarise people with your brand, this is great for helping your brand become more recognizable. 

  • Building trust and loyalty is becoming more and more difficult for many organizations teams and companies, using a mascot is a great fun way to change that.

  • It's super hard to not Hi-five a mascot! Their big personalities, funny antics and larger than life attitude often lead to people wanting a photo, today's technology, the right image or video has the potential to go viral, meaning you get FREE exposure of your character or brand that may lead to sale, sponsorship or just more exposure opportunities.



Each case needs an individual approach to the mascot which will correspond to your desired goals, achievements and brand image. However, there’s a checklist of basic features which are essential to consider for any mascot design. For your character to be a successful marketing and user experience for all parties, a mascot should be the following:


  • Current Australian mascot manufacturing companies don't have experience wearing mascot costumes.

  • Heavy designs leading to performer discomfort meaning your character may miss out on exposure and interaction oppoutunities

  • Poor vision makes it unsafe for performers to walk, this means a minder needs to be next to your character the entire time telling the performer where to focus their attention, unfortunately this kills the allusion that it is a real character.


  • Stardreams are currently the only mascot manufacturing company who provide character performers, all our design team have a character performing background, meaning our costumes not only look great they can also be used exactly how you envisioned as the performer will be comfortable.  

  • All our designs are light-weight and durable meaning if needed your character can do stunts and flips and not be hindered by poor costume design.

  • memorable

  • recognizable

  • original

  • flexible to adapt and adjust

  • mobile and able to move effortlessly

  • look good in different sizes and resolutions"for marketing purposes"

  • stylistically harmonic

  • lively and user-friendly.

  • Light weight 

  • have good vision for the performer

In the designing stages of your mascot, Stardreams will make sure your character ticks every box to ensure you will gain maximum exposure when you introduce him or her to your target audience. Our talented design team pride themselves on designing lovable original characters that translate into a wearable mascot costume. 

Mascot costumes sydney, custom mascot costume, custom character costume
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